Digitexx Software for Structural Health Monitoring

Software Process

Pictured above is how Digitexx's Server and Client Software work together during structural health monitoring. Housed within the data acquisition system (PDAQ or RTMS), is Digitexx's Server Software. This software broadcasts and publishes real-time data directly to the remote client locations. It is configured during the installation process and then is left alone and not altered again. When an event triggers the system, data is recorded remotely and notifications are sent in real-time to different users. The Client Software is a user-friendly tool that allows for real-time data analysis and viewing of the structural data remotely. This Client Software provides the user with the neccessary information to make smart decisions quickly in order to save money and manpower. All the software options work together to eliminate the need for routine site visits and visual inspections of the structure. 

Digitexx's real stength is in its' sophisticated software. The ability to allow several clients to see data in    real-time and in different locations is a unique feature uncommon to other structural health monitoring product markets.


The Digitexx Earthquake Data Analysis Software (EDA) is useful tool for monitoring seismic activity in areas where earthquakes are highly common. EDA makes analyzing earthquake related data simple for any user. Think of this software as an added benefit included with the Server and Client Software.  The main difference is that this data analysis is performed off-line and not in real-time