Introducing CEO and Founder, Mark Sereci

With more than 40 years of experience working in the earthquake instrumentation industry, Mark Sereci has seen the evolution of technology from film to digital. With his vision and determination to provide a "better way" for providing real-time information about the health of a structure, Mark serves as the leader and visionary for the Digitexx team.

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Mark Sereci  

Angel Mark Sereci
President and CEO

In 2000, Mark and two partners--long time friends and colleagues--started Digitexx in Pasadena, California. As President & CEO, Mark is the strategic leader, setting direction in identifying new markets, developing new products and services, and implementing this widely recognized industry paradigm. As part of his strategic business development activities, Mark promotes Digitexx products and innovations among key academic scientists and engineers, government and private sector, Mark obtained an MBA degree from Claremont University’s Peter Drucker School of Business.