Portable Systems for Structural Health Monitoring (PDAQ)

                 Digitexx PDAQ Plus               




                Digitexx PDAQ-U


Digitexx Data Systems offers affordable, flexible options for field/remote acquisition and structural data analysis. The Portable Data Acquisition (PDAQ) product family comes in three different models: Basic, Plus and Pemium options. Each of these models is structured to be rugged, light and fully portable to take directly to the field. They can record up to 1000-samples per second bursts or 200 samples per second typical on 16 single-ended channels (8 channels availale on some models).

Another excellent option for schools and laboratories is the portable data acquisition and data streamer for universities, PDAQ-U. The PDAQ-U is financially positioned to meet any academic budget. The data can be visualized and analyzed in real-time remotely through Digitexx’s Client Software. Both the PDAQ and PDAQ-U structural health monitoring systems exhibit versatile power, are reliable, easy to set-up and most importantly affordable.

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