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Location: Viña del Mar, Chile                     

Structure Type: 16 story RC building       

Purpose: Viña del Mar is located in a seismically active area. A PDAQ Premium was installed following a 8.8 magnitude earthquake in order to monitor the building, identify damage following the earthquake and any aftershocks. 

Channel Count: 16 channels                      

Sensor Type(s): Uni-Axial accelerometers MEMS type,+/- 3g full scale, 120dB Dynamic Range

Overview: A Digitexx portable data acquisition (PDAQ) Premium system was installed on a 16 story RC building (central core with peripheral frames) in Chile. This structure comprised of 3 underground parking levels, on 1 meter slab foundation and was designated as the Office and Commercial building located in Viña del Mar, Chile. The 16 channel/24 bit PDAQ Premium broadcasted raw data in real-time. The trigger event recording was set based on the user selected 10 channels, with a classic strong motion bandpass, second order filter set with Lower Corner Frequency at 0.1Hz and Upper Corner Frequency at 12.5Hz. This structural health monitoring system is currently still in place and has led to a reduction in damage discovery time and business interruption.

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