Real-Time Embedded Monitoring System (RTR)




Digitexx Real Time Embedded System is a reconfigurable embedded control and acquisition system, which offers an affordable and flexible solution for field/remote acquisition and structural data analysis. Specifically engineered to be rugged and fully portable, the Digitexx RT Embedded System can record up to 1000 samples-per-second or a standard 200 samples-per-second in continuous mode. The system is designed for applications in harsh environments and small places. Size, weight, and I/O channel density are critical design requirements in many such embedded applications. By taking advantage of the extreme performance and small size, Digitexx RT Embedded system is able to deliver unprecedented control and acquisition capabilities in a compact, rugged package with extreme industrial certifications and ratings for operation in harsh industrial environments. Temperature ranges of -40° to 55° C (-40° to 131° F) and a variety of international safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and environmental certifications and ratings are all available with Digitexx RT Embedded System.
The embedded system has an Real Time operating system which is a huge advantage over using application installed on a computer with a standard operating system, when the system is used in environments where precise timing and long term reliability is crucial. RTOS is able to very reliably execute programs with very specific timing requirements. The system can be set up to run reliably for days, months, or years without stopping.

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General RTR Embedded Monitoring System Technical Specifications:


Input Channels: 

No. of Input Channels
  • Acceleration Channels: 12-32
  • Differential
Signals Read
  • Accelerometer
  • Strain
  • Temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Displacement(String Pots, LDVTs)
  • Pressure



Operating Temperature
  • -40 to 55 degrees C
  • 90% non-condensing, HVAC options available
  • Rugged Aluminium Enclosure
  • 13”x 9”x 7” (LxWxH) Typical
  • 12 kg



Data Record & Stream
  • Digitexx RTR Embedded Server
Data Analysis and Processing
  • Digitexx Client (customized)
  • Data Management and Reporting Software
  • Automatic generation of PDF reports after an event
  • On-demand or Scheduled Events
  • Web Based Interface 
Earthquake Analysis
  • Digitexx EDA