Clients around the world rely on Digitexx expertise for real-time structural health monitoring. Installations include:

  • Civil: Tall buildings, bridges, dams, towers
  • Industrial: Hydro and power generating plants, platforms
  • Special: Hospitals, hotels, schools
  • Refineries: Pipes, heavy equipment, vibrations, pumps, cooling towers


ERGOSE, Greece:

Multi-channel system installed on multiple bridges constructed by ERGOSE, a subsidiary of the Hellenic Railways Organization. Part of a railway infrastructure project linking Tithorea and Domokos, this system is located in difficult geomorphological and geotechnical conditions. This project incorporates wind and temperature monitoring, position transducers, and 3G/GPRS wireless Internet connections as a part of its overall structural health monitoring solution. Download the case study. Download the case study.

Federal Building, San Francisco:

32-channel system installed on a 24-story steel frame building in a seismically active area. Following a seismic retrofit, the building owner needed a monitoring system that would facilitate rapid assessment of the building's structural health and assist in making informed decisions regarding post-earthquake building occupancy. This system has recorded a number of small and moderate earthquakes. Download the case study. Download the case study.

CalTech's Millikan Library, Pasadena:

36-channel system installed on a 10-story, reinforced frame structure, the tallest on the CalTech campus. Because of its close proximity to active earthquake lines and access to some of the leading seismic and engineering minds, this made the ideal location for the first real time structural health monitoring system. Download the case study.

SFSI Test Structure, Garner Valley Array, CA:

32-channel system installed in a test facility that records and collects data from a variety of sensor types. Since its installation, the system has recorded many small earthquakes, ambient/microtremor data, and forced vibration data. Download the case study.

Vincent Thomas Bridge, Los Angeles:

26-channel system installed on a cable suspension bridge spanning 1850m, vulnerable to possible earthquakes and terrorism. Monitored from 2003 – 2006, the system distributed data to three different remote locations – in real-time – and provided a wealth of data pertaining to the effects high traffic volume. Download the case study.

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