REFLEXX: Smart Systems for Building Monitoring and Damage Detection

Thanks to earthquake retrofitting and advances in structural design, following a major event the number of building collapses is minimal...but what happens to all of the buildings left standing? Typically, buildings are left vacant awaiting a visual inspection and assessment that could take days and even weeks to complete.

Imagine having a tool that provided detailed damage detection reporting in less than 15 minutes using real-time, structure specific data presented in a format that could immediately benefit structural engineers, building owners and facility managers.

REFLEXX is a Building Smart System designed to provide real-time monitoring, damage detection and performance evaluation reporting. Whether manually triggered to get a building health assessment or automatically triggered by sensor threshold exceedance, REFLEXX combines real-time data with sophisticated structural algorithms based on proven methodoligies such as FEMA-356, HAZUS-MH, ASCE-41 and ATC-58* to provide you with detailed, actionable damage probability report data.


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* ATC-58 (PACT) fragilities is a program that was funded by The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The fragilities component of REFLEXX releases this fall.

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