REFLEXX: Benefits for Structural Engineers

When an event such as an earthquake takes place and you are charged with the task of making a structural assessment of the building... what is the one thing you wish you had more of?

... could it be more detailed information about the structure and it's performance pre-, during and post event? 

Could this information also be delivered immediately, so you can react quickly and distribute your engineering team to the structures in most dire need of your on-site assessments?

The REFLEXX Building Smart System provides a tool for structural engineers to gather the building specific data you need, in real-time.

Important REFLEXX Benefits:

  • You are provided with real-time, building specific data for the clients you monitor
  • Software reporting and information using sophisticated algorithms based on methodologies such as ASCE-41 and probabilistic measures such as HAZUS-MH, FEMA 356 & ATC 58 for automated analysis and proven reliablity
  • Perfomance Perameter Information such as:
    • Relative Displacement
    • Relative Velocity
    • Acceleration
    • Drift Ratio
    • Story Shear
  • User-friendly Automated Reporting for your clients
    • Global Building Structural Assessment
    • Floor-by-Floor Damage Localization
    • Component level Damage Estimation and Lead Repair Times*
  • Unique Business Model that can provide
    • Potential new professional service offerings and revenue resources
    • A tool to assist in distributing your engineering following an event
    • Recurring monthly revenue and long-term contract opportunities


Interested in learning more about REFLEXX? We encourage you to attend one of our Structural Engineer Workshops.

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*ATC 58 Fragilities releasing later this year