REFLEXX Benefits for Building Owners & Managers

Is your building safe?

As a building owner or facility manager, your first concern is the safety of your tenants followed by the structural status of your building. Your ability to get back into operation following a natural disaster or man-made event as quickly as possible is paramount.

The REFLEXX Building Smart System provides you with a turn key solution for efficiently analyzing your building in real-time. 


  • Turn key solution with all components needed:
    • Instrumentation (sensors, cabling, data acquisition system)
    • Software
    • Full System Installation
    • Retained Structural Engineer
  • Full hardware and software warranties throughout the duration of service
  • Real-time Reporting so you can act quickly
    •  Detailed Structural Building Health Assessment and Damage Localization reporting delivered to you in 15 minutes or less following an event or manual trigger  
  • Affordable Monthly Subscription


  •  Manual-Triggered Reporting: Want to know the status of your building? You have the ability to initiate a structural status report at a push of a button. 
  • Event-Triggered Reporting: No need to sit and "watch" the system. Like your own reflexes, the REFLEXX system will automatically react when certain pre-defined sensor thresholds are exceeded. An alert email will let you know that they system was triggered followed by a report on your building's status. 
  • Reporting Levels:
    • Global: See overall status of building
    • Floor-by-Floor: See a floor-by-floor assessment diagram with damage localization
    • Component: Whether you identify a specific space (surgical floor, data center, clean room or manufacturing line), a structural (glass wall) or non-structural component (computers) or an entire floor or building, REFLEXX can incorporate and measure these components for detailed damage assessment and reporting. Reports will identify estimated damage, repair costs and lead repair times.

*Note: Component reporting will be released this FALL.




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