• Real-time structural health monitoring
  • Risk management tools
  • System engineering and assembly
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Structural and environmental engineering consulting


  • Real estate owners and operators
  • Insurance carriers
  • Local, state and federal agencies (USGS, CGS, FEMA, city building safety, and OES)


Digitexx’s systems provide powerful real-time structural health monitoring for bridges, tall buildings, and other structures, and deliver important information pertaining to:

  • Natural phenomena: Floods, earthquakes, and weather
  • Man-induced events: Operating loads, accidents, impacts, explosions, biochemical hazards


  • Immediate (real-time) data broadcast and analysis of the structural data allowing for orderly emergency response. See how.
  • Standard recorder functions such as local triggering
  • Continuous information archive on the structure’s performance during its lifecycle (detects potentially catastrophic events)
  • Internet data broadcasting
  • 16-bit and 24-bit versions
  • Customizable parameters, including type and number of sensors
  • Available for long-term health monitoring projects
  • Accessible to multiple users, even during emergencies
  • Easily adapted for notification (e-mail and FTP) during emergencies.

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