Markets for Structural Health Monitoring

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Building monitoring

From tall buildings and hospitals to towers and corporate or university campuses, Digitexx offers building monitoring systems that arm you and your Engineer on Record (EOR) with instant information and analysis regarding your building.

Bridge monitoring

Bridge monitoring provides structural engineering firms and bridge engineers with a tool to analyze and prioritize bridge repair and damage. Digitexx offers a continuous monitoring solution to constantly measure the bridge's response to both natural and man-made events. 


The structural health monitoring industry is evolving every day to better determine the health and longevity of a particular structure. Digitexx has partnered with many universities and research organizations. These partnerships have provided tools for structural health research projects and new involvement with product development and lab testing for civil projects.  

Wind Turbine monitoring

With structural health monitoring, you will be able to manage your system on-site and remotely for any wind turbine in your wind farm. Digitexx’s monitoring solutions provide you with multi-point communication to your engineering team, emergency management or government office allowing you to make smart decisions regarding your structure(s). 

Earthquake monitoring

In the past, engineers and researchers had to gather earthquake data by driving to the location of the accelerographs.Today there is real-time, remote access structural monitoring available to provide real-time information the second the system is triggered. Digitexx provides both software and hardware solutions that can either tie into existing sensors or provide complete new system solutions for earthquake monitoring.  

Other Structural Health Monitoring

Structural health monitoring can be adapted to any structure. Digitexx works with you to create a custom system that matches your needs. You will be able to view data remotely in real-time, so that when a natural disaster or man-made event occurs, you have the necessary information to make quick decisions regarding your structure.