Digitexx Structural Health Monitoring Projects

Clients around the world rely on Digitexx's structural health monitoring systems. Why?

...because they need data and they need it in real-time! The Digitexx system helps clients incorporate just about any structural or environmental sensor and record, broadcast and analyze simultaneous data immediately. Let's face it, in today's world, clients don't have hours or days to make decisions about the structural integrity of their building, bridge or dam. In the case of a natural or man-made event, they have minutes and sometimes only seconds to make an informed decision. 

Digitexx's structural monitoring systems can be incorporated on just about any type of structure including:

  • Building Monitoring: From tall buildings and hospitals to towers and corporate or university campuses.


  • Bridge Monitoring: 100's of channels and multiple sensor types can be managed in real-time through one system on any bridge.


  • University/Research Monitoring: Partnering with the academic community to provide necessary tools for measuring structural health research projects.


  • Wind Turbine Monitoring: Manage your system both on-site and remotely for any wind turbine in your wind farm. Provide multi-point communication to your engineering team, emergency management and/or government office.


  • Earthquake Monitoring: Real-time structural health monitoring solutions for structures located in seismic zones.


  • Other Structural Monitoring: From oil platforms/riggs and pipelines to the condition of each dam, power plant and levee, Digitexx can customize any structural health monitoring system to your needs.