Millikan Library, Pasadena

Collonade OriginalLibrary


  • Location: Pasadena, California 
  • Structure type: Library
  • Purpose: University research; Digitexx real-time Drift-hysteresis algorithm was developed and has a patent pending jointly with CalTech University.
  • Channel Count:Multi-channel
  • Sensor type(s): 36 accelerometers
  • Overview: The Millikan Library is a 10-story, reinforced frame structure and the tallest building on CalTech’s campus. Because of its close proximity to active earthquake lines and access to some of the leading seismic and engineering minds, this made the ideal location for Digitexx’s first structural health monitoring system. A 36 channel, RTMS system was installed on the roof of the building. The system is able to provide simultaneous real-time data for remote users anywhere in the world. The Millikan Library provides an excellent example of how real-time structural health monitoring can be applied to universities and research institutions to advance technology and research in building dynamics.

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