Dafnozonara Dam, Greece

DAFNOZONARA DAM     Dafnozonara Dam


  • Location: Central Greece
  • Structure Type: Concrete Dam
  • Purpose: Small hydropower plant that finished construction in 2008 needed an affordable and portable structural monitoring system to help monitor and detect any potential structural damage and to alert necessary parties in the event that the system was triggered for immediate response. 
  • Channel Count: Eight (8) channels
  • Sensor Type(s): Two (2) tri-axial accelerometers


  • Overview: Dafnozonara Dam is a small hydropower plant located on the Aheloos River in Central Greece. The dam was completed in 2010 by Terna Energy SA. It serves to provide about 40 GWh of power per year as well as increase power storage capacity for certain areas of Greece. A fusegates system was used for the dam because it was highly cost effective, required little maintenance and boosted power production. Digitexx installed an 8 channel, PDAQ Premium on this dam. Two tri-axial accelerometers were used as the sensors to record and collect data in real-time. Structural health monitoring in this case is extremely important because the dam serves as a vital source of power for this region of Greece. The PDAQ Premium continues to assist in the maintainance of structural health for the Dafnozonara Dam.  

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