Offshore Wind Turbine Monitoring


       Wind Turbine


  • Location: Denmark
  • Structure Type: Offshore Windmill Turbine
  • Purpose: To design a new foundation for offshore wind turbines that would save about half of the steel weight as compared to a traditional pile foundation. 
  • Channel Count: 16 Channels
  • Sensor Type: Accelerometers


  • Overview: A 90M offshore wind turbine was built next to the harbour of Frederikshavn, Denmark in November of 2002. This windmill turbine was part of a test field for offshore wind turbine research. The test field had been built in joint connection with a research and development program between Centre for Wind Energy Systems, Aalborg University and MBD Offshore Power. The turbine was based on a special novel steel foundation along the ocean floor. Digitexx installed a 16 channel, 16-bit, PDAQ on this turbine to analyze its structural health status. The PDAQ monitoring system collected and recorded data in real-time from multiple sensors. The data retrieved remotely through Digitexx’s Client software assisted in proving that the newly designed bucket foundation was feasible in proper soil condition with water depth from near shore to 40 meters.

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