SFSI Test Structure, Garner Valley Array, CA

GraphStructure HR


  • Location: Garner Valley Array, California
  • Structure type: Steel-frame structure (image above)
  • Purpose: To remotely broadcast data from multiple sensor types and multiple locations in collaboration with the California Geologic Survey.
  • Channel Count: 32 channels
  • Sensor type(s): borehole pore pressure transducers, surface accelerometers


  • Overview: The Garner Valley Array is located in seismically active area of Southern California and home to an instrumented Soil Foundation Structure Interaction test facility (SFSI). In 2004, Digitexx designed a custom structural health monitoring system for the SFSI test facility. A 32-channel system was installed in the test facility that records and collects real-time data from a variety of sensor types: borehole pore pressure transducers and surface accelerometers. Since its installation, the system has recorded many small earthquakes, ambient/microtremor data, and forced vibration data.

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