ERGOSE, Greece

Bullet TrainGreece


  • Location: Greece
  • Structure Type: Multiple bridges
  • Purpose: With bridges located in remote locations undergoing extreme geophysical conditions, ERGOSE needed a system to continuously measure and alert if potential structural damage occurred. Current methodologies—visual inspections, data recorders—took days to gather information to make intelligent decisions. With a new bullet train system, they didn’t have days… they had seconds. That’s where Digitexx and its real-time structural health monitoring system for bridges came in.
  • Channel Count: Multi-Channel system on multiple bridges
  • Sensor Type(s): Accelerometers, wind speed, direction & temperature gauges, position transducers & 3G/GPRS wireless internet connections


  • Overview: ERGOSE , a subsidiary of the Hellenic Railways Organization, recently completed several critical railway infrastructure projects in areas of Greece.  Projects included multi-channel, 24-bit RTMS-2001 systems installed on multiple bridges constructed by ERGOSE as well. The railway infrastructure system linking Tithorea and Domokos is located in difficult geomorphological and geotechnical conditions making it one of the most critical locations for real- time structural health monitoring. This project incorporates wind and temperature monitoring, position transducers, and 3G/GPRS wireless Internet connections as a part of its overall structural health monitoring solution.

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