Federal Building, San Francisco



  • Location: San Francisco, California
  • Structure type: Building
  • Purpose: Previously instrumented building that needed a structural health monitoring system to bypass current system in order to provide remote access to data in real-time. Has been instrumented since 2002 while providing continuous data analysis.
  • Channel Count: 32 channels
  • Sensor type(s): Accelerometers


  • Overview: The Federal Building is a 24-story steel frame building located in a seismically active area. Following a seismic retrofit, the building owner needed a monitoring system that would facilitate rapid assessment of the building's structural health and assist in making informed decisions regarding post-earthquake building occupancy. Digitexx installed a 32-channel, 24-bit RTMS-2001 system that was capable of complex structural health monitoring. Since its installation, this system has recorded a number of small to moderate earthquakes.

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